Tagesthemen: Offer with no effect

On the German ARD channel Claudia Fasse comments on the offer of the Deutsche Bank AG to end the longest strike in German railway history.



WPK Quarterly: Errors and remedies

 Ulrich Bieger speaks in an interview with the science journalist Claudia Ruby about mistakes and strategies in crisis communication. More...




With the drone for the future

On the occasion of the launching of the joint venture Ferrostaal Topsoe GmbH, amongst others this contribution was created for internal and external communication with the help of a camera drone. Author of the film is Frank Bürgin (office@zeitlupe.tv)




Zapp: Embarrassing PR after railway fiasco

In a contribution to the NDR media magazine Zapp, Claudia Fasse, as expert for crisis management, comments on the communication fiasco on the part of the Deutsche Bahn with regard to the breakdown of the ventilation systems in Intercity trains.




die story: Operation in Portugal

In the ARD format Ulrich Bieger acknowledges the outright aquittal of three German defendants from the accusation of fraud at the Criminal Court in Lisbon.




Flying subway train

The transport example of a subway train built by Bombardier from Berlin to China shows how exciting stories about a company can be exploited. The report was shown by several TV channels. Author of the contribution is Thomas Kettner (th.kettner@net-art.de).