We want our customers to trust us.

Victoria Mars, Chairwoman von Mars, kurz vor der R├╝ckrufaktion


It's all about trust

Successful companies thrive on trust – from clients, members of taff, suppliers and the public. Without a solid basis it is easily quandered. To create and maintain this foundation is the task and aim of strategic communication: consistent, transparent and sustainable.



Newspapers and journalists thrive on good stories. Companies harbour numerous exciting stories. The natural suspense between the two is often marred by misunderstandings and prejudices. Efficient consulting, fed from years of experiences on both sides, helps companies to find what journalists are seeking.

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Public appearances have their own dynamics. On television seconds determine the distribution of sympathy or antipathy. A speaker in public usually has hours to enhance or ruin his image. In both cases professional training also helps to prevent harm to the organisation you are representing.

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Happier headlines

Communication cannot do everything, but many things cannot be done without communication. At this point we would like to quote some current cases that could have had a happier end with professional public relations work.

Das waren noch Zeiten, als Taglines den Umsatz ankurbelten. Zum Beispiel 1966: Mars – bringt verbrauchte Energie sofort zurück. Heute reicht ein 0,5 Zentimeter großes Kunststoffteilchen, um einen der weltweit führenden Lebensmittelkonzerne in die größte Krise seiner Geschichte zu stürzen.

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